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aqbanking - A library for online banking functions and financial data import/export

License: GPL
Vendor: Fedora Project
The intention of AqBanking is to provide a middle layer between the
program and the various Online Banking libraries (e.g. AqHBCI). The
first backend which is already supported is AqHBCI, a library which
implements a client for the German HBCI (Home Banking Computer
Interface) protocol. Additionally, Aqbanking provides various plugins
to simplify import and export of financial data. Currently there are
import plugins for the following formats: DTAUS (German financial
format), SWIFT (MT940 and MT942).


aqbanking-2.2.9-2.el4.src [3.9 MiB] Changelog by Bill Nottingham (2007-06-20):
- add a dist tag

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