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bandwidthd - Tracks network usage and builds html and graphs

License: GPL+
Vendor: Fedora Project <>
Bandwidthd is a UNIX daemon/Windows service for graphing the traffic
generated by each machine on several configurable subnets.  It is much
easier to configure than MRTG, and provides significantly more useful
information.  MRTG only tells you how much bandwidth you are using,
Bandwidthd tells you that, and who is using it.

Each IP address that has moved any significant volume of traffic has its
own graph.  The graphs are color coded to help you figure out at a glance
if your user is surfing the web, or surfing Kazaa.

Bandwidthd is targeted to run on my routing platforms.  It is very low
overhead.  Easily graphing small business traffic on a 133Mhz Elan 486
every 2.5 minutes. My entire ISP (2000-3000 IP addresses across 4 states)
is graphed on a Celeron 450 every 10 minutes.


bandwidthd-2.0.1-11.el4.src [146 KiB] Changelog by Jan ONDREJ (SAL) (2008-12-13):
- removed dependency on gd
- removed one line of autoconf
- removed dependency on libpng-devel
- phphtdocs added for pgsql build, execute bit for gif and sh removed

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