django-authopenid - Django application to integrate Django authentication system with OpenID

License: BSD
Vendor: Fedora Project <>
Django authentication application with OpenID using django.contrib.auth.

This application allow a user to connect to you website with:
 * legacy account (username/password)
 * OpenID url

If the user connects with an OpenID they could associate it with their legacy
account or just create a new Django account. When the user is connected
administrators can manage them like usual with django.contrib.auth.

This application also provide views to:
 * change password
 * change account email
 * change associated openid
 * delete account
 * send a new password

Source produced By Benoît Chesneau for Enki Multimedia for the Friendsnippets


django-authopenid-0.9.6-2.el4.src [30 KiB] Changelog by Ian Weller (2009-02-18):
- Add patch from I. Vazquez (django-authopenid-0.9.6-keyword.patch)

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