dosbox - An x86/DOS emulator with sound/graphics

License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Fedora Project <>
DOSBox is a DOS-emulator using SDL for easy portability to different
platforms. DOSBox has already been ported to several different platforms,
such as Windows, BeOS, Linux, Mac OS X...
DOSBox emulates a 286/386 realmode CPU, Directory FileSystem/XMS/EMS,
a SoundBlaster card for excellent sound compatibility with older games...
You can "re-live" the good old days with the help of DOSBox, it can run plenty
of the old classics that don't run on your new computer!


dosbox-0.72-1.src [1.0 MiB] Changelog by Andreas Bierfert (2008-01-02):
- 0.72-1
- version upgrade

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