drbdlinks - A program for managing links into a DRBD shared partition

License: GPLv2
Vendor: Fedora Project
The drbdlinks program manages links into a DRBD partition which is shared
among several machines. A simple configuration file, "/etc/drbdlinks.conf",
specifies the links. This can be used to manage e.g. links for /etc/httpd,
/var/lib/pgsql and other system directories that need to appear as if they
are local to the system when running applications after the drbd shared
partition has been mounted.

When running drbdlinks with "start" as the mode, drbdlinks will rename the
existing files/directories and then make symbolic links into the DRBD
partition, "stop" does the reverse. By default, rename appends ".drbdlinks"
to the name, but this can be overridden.

An init script is included which runs "stop" before heartbeat starts, and
after heartbeat stops. This is done to try to ensure that when the shared
partition isn't mounted, the links are in their normal state.


drbdlinks-1.20-1.el4.src [22 KiB] Changelog by Robert Scheck (2011-08-13):
- Upgrade to 1.20

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