edg-gridftp-client - Command line clients to GridFTP libraries

License: EU Datagrid
Vendor: Fedora Project
The edg-gridftp-client package is a thin command line interface on top
of the GridFTP libraries supplied by Globus.  They do, however,
represent a useful set of commands to do basic management of files on
a GridFTP server.

The commands provided are:

  edg-gridftp-exists   test if a file/directory exists on the server
  edg-gridftp-mkdir    create a directory on the server
  edg-gridftp-rmdir    remove a directory from a server
  edg-gridftp-rm       remove a file from a server
  edg-gridftp-ls       list files/directories on a server
  edg-gridftp-rename   rename a file/directory on a server


edg-gridftp-client- [28 KiB] Changelog by Steve Traylen (2011-07-06):
- Adapted to Fedora guidelines.

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