firehol - A powerful yet easy to use iptables frontend

License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Fedora Project
FireHOL is a generic firewall generator, meaning that you can design any kind
of local or routing stateful packet filtering firewalls with ease. Install
FireHOL if you want an easy way to configure stateful packet filtering
firewalls on Linux hosts and routers.

FireHOL uses an extremely simple but powerful way to define firewall rules
which it turns into complete stateful iptables firewalls.

You can run FireHOL with the 'helpme' argument, to get a configuration file for
the system run, which you can modify according to your needs. The default
configuration file will allow only client traffic on all interfaces.


firehol-1.273-5.el4.src [130 KiB] Changelog by Jussi Lehtola (2009-09-22):
- Use patch instead of sed in %prep phase.

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