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libnss-mysql - NSS library for MySQL

License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Fedora Project
Store your UNIX user accounts in MySQL. "libnss-mysql" enables the following:

* System-wide authentication and name service using a MySQL database.
  Applications do not need to be MySQL-aware or modified in any way.

* Storing authentication information in a database instead of text files.

* Creation of a single authentication database for multiple servers.
  This is often referred to as the "Single Sign-on" problem.

* Writing data-modification routines (IE self-management web interface).

libnss-mysql is similar to NIS or LDAP. It provides the same centralized
authentication service through a database. What does this mean? Username,
uid, gid, password, etc comes from a MySQL database instead of
/etc/password, /etc/shadow, and /etc/group. A user configured in MySQL will
look and behave just like a user configured in /etc/passwd. Your
applications such as ls, finger, sendmail, qmail, exim, postfix, proftpd,
X, sshd, etc. will all 'see' these users!


libnss-mysql-1.5-6.el4.src [329 KiB] Changelog by Jan ONDREJ (SAL) (2007-11-27):
- updated buildroot according to packaging guidelines
- removed comment before ldconfig
- removed provides libnss_mysql (compatibility with my old packages)
- autoreconf used
- description bullets updated

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