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mod_auth_shadow - An Apache module for authentication using /etc/shadow

License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Fedora Project
When performing this task one encounters one fundamental
difficulty: The /etc/shadow file is supposed to be
read/writeable only by root.  However, the webserver is
supposed to run under a non-root user, such as "nobody".

mod_auth_shadow addresses this difficulty by opening a pipe
to an suid root program, validate, which does the actual
validation.  When there is a failure, validate writes an
error message to the system log, and waits three seconds
before exiting.


mod_auth_shadow-2.2-4.el4.src [20 KiB] Changelog by Jaroslav Reznik (2010-04-09):
- CVE-2010-1151: bad wait(2) call causes randomized authorization (#578168)
- fix license tag

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