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munin - Network-wide graphing framework (grapher/gatherer)

License: GPLv2 and Bitstream Vera
Vendor: Fedora Project <>
Munin is a highly flexible and powerful solution used to create graphs of
virtually everything imaginable throughout your network, while still
maintaining a rattling ease of installation and configuration.

This package contains the grapher/gatherer. You will only need one instance of
it in your network. It will periodically poll all the nodes in your network
it's aware of for data, which it in turn will use to create graphs and HTML
pages, suitable for viewing with your graphical web browser of choice.

Munin is written in Perl, and relies heavily on Tobi Oetiker's excellent


munin-1.2.6-4.el4.src [367 KiB] Changelog by Andreas Thienemann (2009-02-18):
- Updated dependencies to better reflect plugin requirements
- Added hddtemp_smartctl patch to only scan for standby state on /dev/[sh]d? devices.

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