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ttywatch - Log output of arbitrarily many devices

License: GPL
Vendor: Fedora Project
ttywatch was originally designed to log serial console output from
lots of Linux machines on a single monitor machine.  It handles
log rotation correctly and can be configured both in a configuration
file and on the command line -- and you can mix-and-match at your
convenience.  It can be set up to allow users to interact via the
network with any of the ports being logged.  It can also log output
in arbitrary ways via modules, which can be built with the
ttywatch-devel package.


ttywatch-0.14-4.el4.src [31 KiB] Changelog by Matt Domsch (2005-11-29):
- -devel requires glib2-devel
- require /sbin/{chkconfig,service} rather than initscripts
  and chkconfig packages

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