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mhash - Thread-safe hash algorithms library

Website: http://mhash.sourceforge.net/
License: LGPL
Vendor: Fedora Project
Mhash is a free library which provides a uniform interface to a
large number of hash algorithms.

These algorithms can be used to compute checksums, message digests,
and other signatures. The HMAC support implements the basics for
message authentication, following RFC 2104. In the later versions
some key generation algorithms, which use hash algorithms, have been
added. Currently, the library supports the algorithms: SHA1, GOST,
HAVAL256, HAVAL224, HAVAL192, HAVAL160, HAVAL128, MD5, MD4, MD2,
RIPEMD128/160/256/320, TIGER, TIGER160, TIGER128, SHA224/384/512,
Whirlpool, SNEFRU128/256, CRC32B and CRC32 checksums.


mhash-0.9.2-2.el4.x86_64 [99 KiB] Changelog by Jon Ciesla (2007-07-24):
- Added disttag for epel.
mhash-0.9.2-2.el4.i386 [118 KiB] Changelog by Jon Ciesla (2007-07-24):
- Added disttag for epel.

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