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xbase - XBase compatible database library and tools

Website: http://linux.techass.com/projects/xdb/
License: LGPLv2+ and GPLv2+
Vendor: Fedora Project
XBase is an xbase (i.e. dBase, FoxPro, etc.) compatible C++ class library
originally by Gary Kunkel and others (see the AUTHORS file).

XBase is useful for accessing data in legacy dBase 3 and 4 database files as
well as a general light-weight database engine.  It includes support for
DBF (dBase version 3 and 4) data files, NDX and NTX indexes, and DBT
(dBase version 3 and 4).  It supports file and record locking under *nix


xbase-2.0.0-4.el4.i386 [139 KiB] Changelog by Tom "spot" Callaway (2006-02-28):
- bump for FC-5
xbase-2.0.0-4.el4.x86_64 [140 KiB] Changelog by Tom "spot" Callaway (2006-02-28):
- bump for FC-5

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