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xforms - XForms toolkit library

Website: http://www.nongnu.org/xforms/
License: LGPL
Vendor: Fedora Project
XForms is a GUI toolkit based on Xlib for X Window Systems. It
features a rich set of objects, such as buttons, sliders, and menus
etc. integrated into an easy and efficient object/event callback
execution model that allows fast and easy construction of
X-applications. In addition, the library is extensible and new objects
can easily be created and added to the library.


xforms-1.0.90-8.el4.i386 [339 KiB] Changelog by Rex Dieter (2006-08-29):
- fc6 respin
xforms-1.0.90-8.el4.x86_64 [370 KiB] Changelog by Rex Dieter (2006-08-29):
- fc6 respin

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