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libmatroska-devel - Matroska container format library development files

Matroska is an extensible open standard Audio/Video container.  It
aims to become THE standard of multimedia container formats.  Matroska
is usually found as .mkv files (matroska video) and .mka files
(matroska audio).

This package contains the files required to rebuild applications which
will use the Matroska container format.
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URL: Source: libmatroska


Name Version Release Type Size Built
libmatroska-devel 0.8.0 4.fc6 x86_64 224 KiB Mon Aug 28 08:53:20 2006


* Mon Aug 28 18:00:00 2006 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 0.8.0-4
- Drop static lib from -devel package
- FE6 Rebuild
* Sun Jul 23 18:00:00 2006 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 0.8.0-3
- Taking over as maintainer since Anvil has other priorities
- Long long due rebuild with new gcc for FC-5, it seems this may have already
  been done, since the last rebuild was of March 16 and the Rebuild Request
  bug of March 19? Rebuilding anyway to be sure (bug 185875)
* Thu Mar 16 17:00:00 2006 Dams <anvil[AT]> - 0.8.0-2.fc5
- Rebuild

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