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sundials-devel - Suite of nonlinear solvers (developer files)

SUNDIALS is a SUite of Non-linear DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers
for use in writing mathematical software.

This package contains the developer files (.so file, header files)
License:BSD Group:Packages not in Groups
URL: Source: sundials


Name Version Release Type Size Built
sundials-devel 2.3.0 5.fc6 x86_64 694 KiB Tue Aug 7 06:42:30 2007


* Sat Aug 4 18:00:00 2007 John Pye <john{%}curioussymbols{*}com> 2.3.0-5
- Final corrections from Debarshi Ray:
- Changed all file-location macros to the curly-bracket format.
- License field changed to BSD and comments added regarding special conditions.
* Wed Aug 1 18:00:00 2007 John Pye <john{%}curioussymbols{*}com> 2.3.0-4
- Corrections from Mamoru Tasaka:
- Removed /sbin/ldconfig call for -devel package (not required).
- Moved *.a libraries to a -static package.
- Corrected sub/main package dependencies (added release num).
- Corrected and added extra 'defattr' statements in files sections.
* Tue Jul 31 18:00:00 2007 John Pye <john{%}curioussymbols{*}com> 2.3.0-3
- Added /sbin/ldconfig call for -devel package.
- Remove automake dependency.
- Changed --with-mpi-root location (currently commented out).
- Added /sbin/ldconfig call for -devel package.

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