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svgalib-devel - Development tools for the SVGAlib graphics library

The svgalib-devel package contains the libraries and header files
needed to build programs which will use the SVGAlib low-level graphics
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URL: Source: svgalib


Name Version Release Type Size Built
svgalib-devel 1.9.25 3.fc6 x86_64 483 KiB Tue Aug 29 15:15:46 2006


* Tue Aug 29 18:00:00 2006 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 1.9.25-3
- FE6 Rebuild
* Mon Jul 17 18:00:00 2006 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 1.9.25-2
- Don't have a different defaultcfg on i386 vs x86_64, having the same
  defaultcfg makes paralel installs possible, add notes about certain settings
  being only valid on i386 to the defaultcfg and patch the config file parser
  to ignore i386 only configfile settings on non i386.
* Sat Jul 15 18:00:00 2006 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 1.9.25-1
- New upstream release 1.9.25
- Drop ancient Provides: libvga

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