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Inventor - SGI Open Inventor (TM)

SGI Open Inventor(TM) is an object-oriented 3D toolkit offering a
comprehensive solution to interactive graphics programming
problems. It presents a programming model based on a 3D scene database
that dramatically simplifies graphics programming. It includes a rich
set of objects such as cubes, polygons, text, materials, cameras,
lights, trackballs, handle boxes, 3D viewers, and editors that speed
up your programming time and extend your 3D programming capabilities.
License:LGPLv2+ Group:System Environment/Libraries


Name Version Release Type Size Built
Inventor 2.1.5 29.fc6.1 src 8.13 MiB Sun Nov 18 23:20:19 2007


* Mon Nov 19 17:00:00 2007 Ralf Corsépius <rc040203{%}freenet{*}de> - 2.1.5-29.1
- Add hard-coded deps on font files (BZ 388761).
- Switch to using liberation-fonts instead of dejavu-fonts.
* Fri Aug 17 18:00:00 2007 Ralf Corsépius <rc040203{%}freenet{*}de> - 2.1.5-29
- Update license tag.
* Thu Jun 21 18:00:00 2007 Ralf Corsépius <rc040203{%}freenet{*}de> - 2.1.5-28
- ExcludeArch: ppc64 (BZ: 245192).

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