ScientificPython - A collection of Python modules that are useful for scientific computing

ScientificPython is a collection of Python modules that are useful for
scientific computing.  In this collection you will find modules that cover
basic geometry (vectors, tensors, transformations, vector and tensor
fields), quaternions, automatic derivatives, (linear) interpolation,
polynomials, elementary statistics, nonlinear least-squares fits, unit
calculations, Fortran-compatible text formatting, 3D visualization via
VRML, and two Tk widgets for simple line plots and 3D wireframe models.
There are also interfaces to the netCDF library (portable structured
binary files), to MPI (Message Passing Interface, message-based parallel
programming), and to BSPlib (Bulk Synchronous Parallel programming)
License:CeCILL Group:Development/Languages


Name Version Release Type Size Built
ScientificPython 2.6 7.fc6 src 510 KiB Tue Feb 13 02:17:36 2007


* Mon Feb 12 17:00:00 2007 Jef Spaleta <jspaleta{%}gmail{*}com> 2.6-7
- Correct for multilib conflict in
* Sat Dec 30 17:00:00 2006 Jef Spaleta <jspaleta{%}gmail{*}com> 2.6-6
- Correct for netcdf location patch to work with /usr/lib/lib64
* Thu Dec 28 17:00:00 2006 Jef Spaleta <jspaleta{%}gmail{*}com> 2.6-5
- remove mpi and bsp subpackages. On more thought, 
-   it makes more sense to have the parallel computing items
-   in the main package.
- Added inline reference script
-   Replaces upstreams impipython reference file
-   This will have the correct path statements generated at
-   package buildtime. Still included as a doc item

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