avr-libc - C library for use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers

AVR Libc is a Free Software project whose goal is to provide a high quality C
library for use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers.

AVR Libc is licensed under a single unified license. This so-called modified
Berkeley license is intented to be compatible with most Free Software licenses
like the GPL, yet impose as little restrictions for the use of the library in
closed-source commercial applications as possible.
License:BSD Group:Development/Tools


Name Version Release Type Size Built
avr-libc 1.4.6 4.fc6 src 891 KiB Wed Jul 18 16:15:03 2007


* Tue Jul 17 18:00:00 2007 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 1.4.6-4
- Gzip manpages
- Make manpages %doc
- Install -docs documentation in same dir as the main package docs
- Change License field from GPL to BSD (oops)
* Fri Jun 8 18:00:00 2007 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 1.4.6-3
- Move man pages to /usr/avr/share/man
* Fri May 25 18:00:00 2007 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 1.4.6-2
- Add patch from Trond Danielsen ( to fix pdf doc
- Put html and pdf docs in a seperate -docs subpackage

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