blacs - Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms

The BLACS (Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms) project is
an ongoing investigation whose purpose is to create a linear algebra
oriented message passing interface that may be implemented efficiently
and uniformly across a large range of distributed memory platforms.

The length of time required to implement efficient distributed memory
algorithms makes it impractical to rewrite programs for every new
parallel machine. The BLACS exist in order to make linear algebra
applications both easier to program and more portable.
License:Freely distributable Group:Development/Libraries


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blacs 1.1 24.fc6.1 src 1.12 MiB Wed Dec 20 13:54:46 2006


* Wed Dec 20 17:00:00 2006 Tom "spot" Callaway <tcallawa{%}redhat{*}com> 1.1-24.1
- updated bmake files to include new lam-devel header path
* Mon Sep 11 18:00:00 2006 Tom "spot" Callaway <tcallawa{%}redhat{*}com> 1.1-24
- FC-5+ needs lam-devel as a BR
* Mon Sep 11 18:00:00 2006 Tom "spot" Callaway <tcallawa{%}redhat{*}com> 1.1-23
- bump for FC-6

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