conduit - A synchronization solution for GNOME

Conduit is a synchronization solution for GNOME which allows the user to take
their emails, files, bookmarks, and any other type of personal information and
synchronize that data with another computer, an online service, or even another
electronic device.

Conduit manages the synchronization and conversion of data into other formats.
For example, conduit allows you to;

 * Synchronize your tomboy notes to a file on a remote computer
 * Synchronize your emails to your mobile phone
 * Synchronize your bookmarks to delicious, gmail, or even your own webserver
 * and many more...

Any combination you can imagine, Conduit will take care of the conversion and
License:GPL Group:Applications/Productivity


Name Version Release Type Size Built
conduit 0.3.1 2.fc6 src 466 KiB Thu Jun 14 23:14:24 2007


* Mon Jun 11 18:00:00 2007 Bernard Johnson <bjohnson{%}symetrix{*}com> - 0.3.1-2
- remove Application from desktop file category
* Fri Jun 8 18:00:00 2007 Bernard Johnson <bjohnson{%}symetrix{*}com> - 0.3.1-1
- v 0.3.1
- use disttag macros to require python-elementtree when required
- tidy summary to be easier to read
- remove icon substitution, no longer needed
- remove fixup of Categories in .desktop file
* Thu May 24 18:00:00 2007 Bernard Johnson <bjohnson{%}symetrix{*}com> - 0.3.0-3
- change source0 url to use %name and %version macros

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