cupsddk - CUPS Driver Development Kit

The CUPS Driver Development Kit (DDK) provides a suite of
standard drivers, a PPD file compiler, and other utilities that
can be used to develop printer drivers for CUPS and other
printing environments.  CUPS provides a portable printing layer
for UNIX(r)-based operating systems.  The CUPS DDK provides the
means for mass-producing PPD files and drivers/filters for
CUPS-based printer drivers.

The CUPS DDK is licensed under the GNU General Public License.
Please contact Easy Software Products for commercial support and
"binary distribution" rights.
License:GPLv2 Group:Development/Libraries


Name Version Release Type Size Built
cupsddk 1.2.3 1.fc6 src 1.99 MiB Sat Oct 6 16:29:05 2007


* Sat Oct 6 18:00:00 2007 Tim Waugh <twaugh{%}redhat{*}com> 1.2.3-1
- 1.2.3.  Only change from 1.2.2 is to incorporate build fix.
* Tue Oct 2 18:00:00 2007 Tim Waugh <twaugh{%}redhat{*}com> 1.2.2-1
- 1.2.2 (with patch to fix build).
* Sat Sep 29 18:00:00 2007 Tim Waugh <twaugh{%}redhat{*}com> 1.2.1-1
- 1.2.1.

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