diction - Identifies diction and style errors

Diction and style are two old standard UNIX commands. Diction identifies wordy
and commonly misused phrases. Style analyses surface characteristics of a
document, including sentence length and other readability measures.

These programs cannot help you structure a document well, but they can help to
avoid poor wording and compare the readability (not the understandability!) of
your documents with others. Both commands support English and German documents.
License:GPL Group:Applications/Text


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diction 1.10 0.1.1.rc4.fc6 src 116 KiB Sun Sep 3 12:47:14 2006


* Sun Sep 3 18:00:00 2006 Konstantin Ryabitsev <icon{%}fedoraproject{*}org> - 1.10-0.1.1.rc4
- Bump for rebuild.
* Sun Jul 23 18:00:00 2006 Konstantin Ryabitsev <icon{%}fedoraproject{*}org> - 1.10-0.1.rc4
- version 1.10-rc4
- convert manpages to utf-8
* Mon Feb 13 17:00:00 2006 Konstantin Ryabitsev <icon{%}fedoraproject{*}org> - 1.08-1.2
- FC5 rebuild

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