digikamimageplugins - Plugins for Digikam

DigikamImagePlugins are a collection of plugins for digiKam Image
Editor and showfoto (digiKam stand alone image editor implementation).
These plugins add new image treatment options like color management,
filters, or special effects.

Currently implemented plugins include:
* Image improvements:
  o Adjust levels : a tool to adjust the photograph histogram levels.
  o Adjust curves : a tool to adjust the photograph colors using curves.
  o Noise Reduction : a photograph noise reduction filter.
  o Unsharp : a photograph unsharp mask filter to unblur picture without
    increase noise.
  o Lens Distortion : a tool for correct lens spherical aberration on
  o Anti Vignetting : a tool for correct vignetting on photograph.
  o Channel Mixer : a tool to mix the photograph color channels.
  o White Balance : a tool to adjust white color temperature balance of
  o Photograph Restoration : a tool to reduce photograph artifacts
    (CImg library).
  o Photograph Inpainting : a tool to remove unwanted photograph area
    (CImg library).
  o Photograph Refocus : a sharpness editor to refocus a photograph (SVN only).
  o Hot Pixels Correction : a tool to remove photograph hot pixels generated by a deficient camera CCD (SVN only).
* Transformation tools:
  o Free Rotation : a plugin to rotate a photograph with a free angle in
  o Shear Tool : a plugin to shear a photograph horizontally and vertically.
  o Perpective Tool : a plugin to adjust the photograph perpective.
  o Blowup Photograph : a plugin to blowup a photograph without less image
    quality using CImg library.
* Image tools:
  o Template Superimpose : a tool for superimpose a template on photograph.
  o Add Border : a tool for add border around a photograph.
  o Insert Text : a tool for insert text under a photograph.
  o Apply Texture : a tool to apply a decorative texture to a photograph.
* Special effects:
  o Solarize : a plugin to solarize a photograph.
  o Oil Paint : simulate oil painting on photograph
    (using Pieter Voloshyn algorithm).
  o Emboss : an effect filter to emboss photograph
    (using Pieter Voloshyn algorithm).
  o Rain Drops : adding the visual effect of raindrops on photograph
    (using Pieter Voloshyn algorithm).
  o Charcoal : simulate charcoal drawing on photograph.
  o FilmGrain : simulate film grain on photograph.
  o Infrared : simulate infrared film effect on photograph.
  o Blur FX : apply bluring special effects on photograph
    (using Pieter Voloshyn algorithms).
  o Distortion FX : apply distortion special effects on photograph
    (using Pieter Voloshyn algorithms).
License:GPL Group:Applications/Multimedia


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