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doulos-fonts - Doulos SIL fonts

Doulos SIL provides glyphs for a wide range of Latin and Cyrillic characters.
Doulos is very similar to Times/Times New Roman, but only has a single
regular face. It is intended for use alongside other Times-like fonts where
a range of styles (italic, bold) are not needed.
License:SIL Open Font License Group:User Interface/X


Name Version Release Type Size Built
doulos-fonts 4.0.14 4.fc6 src 2.19 MiB Thu Nov 9 11:41:58 2006


* Thu Nov 9 17:00:00 2006 Roozbeh Pournader <roozbeh{%}farsiweb{*}info> - 4.0.14-4
- Include Doulos Literacy
- Don't include font cache files (fontconfig mechanism is changed)
* Wed Nov 8 17:00:00 2006 Roozbeh Pournader <roozbeh{%}farsiweb{*}info> - 4.0.14-3
- Add dist tag
* Wed Nov 8 17:00:00 2006 Roozbeh Pournader <roozbeh{%}farsiweb{*}info> - 4.0.14-2
- Rebuild to make package available in Rawhide again

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