firmware-tools - Scripts and tools to manage firmware and BIOS updates

The firmware-tools project provides tools to inventory hardware and a plugin
architecture so that different OEM vendors can provide different inventory
components. It is intended to tie to the package system to enable seamless
installation of updated firmware via your package manager, as well as provide
a framework for BIOS and firmware updates.
License:GPL style Group:Applications/System


Name Version Release Type Size Built
firmware-tools 1.2.3 1.fc6 src 51 KiB Thu Mar 15 22:51:48 2007


* Wed Mar 14 18:00:00 2007 Michael E Brown <michael_e_brown at> - 1.2.3-1
- create and own {_sysconfdir}/firmware/firmware.d/ for plugins.
- Fedora review changes
* Mon Mar 12 18:00:00 2007 Michael E Brown <michael_e_brown at> - 1.2.0-1
- Fedora-compliant packaging changes.

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