fontypython - TTF font manager

Manage your ttf fonts on Gnu/Linux with Fonty Python.

You can collect any fonts together (even ones not in your system font folders)
into 'pogs' and then install and remove the pogs as you need them.

In this way you can control what fonts are in your user font folder, thus
avoiding long lists of fonts in the font chooser dialogues of your apps.
License:GPL Group:Applications/Multimedia


Name Version Release Type Size Built
fontypython 0.2.0 6.fc6 src 144 KiB Tue Dec 19 18:58:58 2006


* Wed Dec 20 17:00:00 2006 Chris Mohler <cr33dog{%}gmail{*}com> 0.2.0-6
- updated .desktop file - added correct executable name
* Tue Dec 19 17:00:00 2006 Chris Mohler <cr33dog{%}gmail{*}com> 0.2.0-5
- Renamed executable 'fp' to 'fontypython' to resolve bug #220046
* Thu Dec 14 17:00:00 2006 Chris Mohler <cr33dog{%}gmail{*}com> 0.2.0-4
- Corrected Source0 to include URL
- removed python >= 2.4 from Requires

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