fpc - Free Pascal Compiler

Freepascal is a free 32/64bit Pascal Compiler. It comes with a run-time
library fully compatible with Turbo Pascal 7.0 and nearly Delphi compatible.
Some extensions are added to the language, like function overloading. Shared
libraries can be linked. This package contains commandline compiler and
utils. Provided units are the runtime library (RTL), free component library
(FCL) and bindings for among others gtk1, gtk2, ncurses, zlib, mysql, postgres
and ibase.
License:GPL and modified LGPL Group:Development/Languages


Name Version Release Type Size Built
fpc 2.0.4 2.fc6 src 29.28 MiB Sat Sep 16 10:03:59 2006


* Sat Sep 16 18:00:00 2006 Joost van der Sluis <joost{%}cnoc{*}nl> 2.0.4-2
- Fixed documentation building on powerpc
* Fri Sep 15 18:00:00 2006 Joost van der Sluis <joost{%}cnoc{*}nl> 2.0.4-1
- Updated to version 2.0.4
* Wed Mar 1 17:00:00 2006 Joost van der Sluis <joost{%}cnoc{*}nl> 2.0.2-4
- Rebuild for Fedora Extras 5

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