grads - Tool for easy acces, manipulation, and visualization of data

The Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) is an interactive desktop tool
that is used for easy access, manipulation, and visualization of earth science
data. The format of the data may be either binary, GRIB, NetCDF, or HDF-SDS
(Scientific Data Sets). GrADS has been implemented worldwide on a variety of
commonly used operating systems and is freely distributed over the Internet.
License:GPL Group:Applications/Engineering


Name Version Release Type Size Built
grads 1.9b4 19.fc6 src 2.69 MiB Thu Dec 7 17:00:48 2006


* Thu Nov 16 17:00:00 2006 Patrice Dumas <pertusus{%}free{*}fr> 1.9b4-19
- don't ship wgrib but depend on it
* Tue Oct 31 17:00:00 2006 Patrice Dumas <pertusus{%}free{*}fr> 1.9b4-18
- rebuild for new libcurl soname (indirect dependency through libnc-dap)
* Thu Oct 5 18:00:00 2006 Christian Iseli <Christian{*}Iseli{%}licr{*}org> 1.9b4-17
- rebuilt for unwind info generation, broken in gcc-4.1.1-21

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