gxine - GTK frontend for the xine multimedia library

gxine is a fully-featured free audio/video player for unix-like systems which
uses libxine for audio/video decoding and playback. For more informations on
what formats are supported, please refer to the libxine documentation.
gxine is a gtk based gui for this xine-library alternate to xine-ui.
License:GPL Group:Applications/Multimedia


Name Version Release Type Size Built
gxine 0.5.11 5.fc6 src 1013 KiB Fri Jul 6 13:49:07 2007


* Fri Jul 6 18:00:00 2007 Martin Sourada <martin{*}sourada{%}seznam{*}cz> - 0.5.11-5
- Change the name displayed in menu to GXine Video Player
* Wed May 16 18:00:00 2007 Martin Sourada <martin{*}sourada{%}seznam{*}cz> - 0.5.11-4
- rebuild to include ppc64 arch
* Sun Mar 25 18:00:00 2007 Martin Sourada <martin{*}sourada{%}seznam{*}cz> - 0.5.11-3
- fix rpmlint warning

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