kipi-plugins - Plugins to use with Kipi

This package contains plugins to use with Kipi, the KDE Image Plugin
Interface.  Currently implemented plugins are:
 * RawConverter       : A raw image converter for digital cameras
                        (requires dcraw).
 * SlideShow          : Slideshow with effects ripped out from kslideshow
                        and 3D effects using OpenGL.
 * MpegEncoder        : Create an MPEG slideshow from your images
                        (requires mjpegtools).
 * ImagesGallery      : An HTML gallery generator.
 * PrintWizard        : A wizard to print images in various format.
 * JpegLossLess       : Batch process your JPEG images without losing meta
                        information and compression.
 * CdArchiving        : Archive your albums on CD or DVD (requires k3b).
 * AcquireImages      : Acquire images interface, includes these parts:
                           ScanImages (scanner management using Kooka).
                           ScreenshotImages (Snap Screen based on KSnapshot).
 * Calendar           : A plugin to create calendars.
 * SendImages         : A plugin to send images by email, allowing resizing
                        and recompressing before sending.
 * BatchProcessImages : A batch process images plugin. Icludes these parts:
                           RenameImages (Image file names renaming).
                           ConvertImages (Image files format converting).
                           BorderImages (Add border to images).
                           FilterImages (Enhancements using digital filters).
                           ColorImages (Image color enhancement).
                           EffectImages (Image transformation effects).
                           ResizeImages (Basic/Prepare-to-print resizing).
                           RecompressImages (Recompress JPEG/TIFF/PNG/TGA).
 * TimeAdjust         : Adjust image file Time and Date.
 * WallPaper          : Image to KDE Desktop (requires kdebase).
 * FindImages         : Find dupplicate images in albums
 * GalleryExport      : Plugin to export images to a remote Gallery server
 * FlickrExport       : Plugin to export images to a remote Flickr web service
 * HTMLExport         : New plugin to export images collections into HTML page
 * SimpleViewerExport : Plugin to export images to SimpleViewer
 * GPSSync            : Plugin to geolocalize pictures.

 * MetadataEdit       : Plugin to edit EXIF and IPTC pictures metadata.
License:LGPL Group:Applications/Multimedia


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- kipi-plugins-0.1.3
- --with-libgpod
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- kipi-plugins-0.1.3-rc1

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