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libstatgrab - Make system statistics

Libstatgrab is a library that provides cross platform access to statistics
about the system on which it's run. It's written in C and presents a selection
of useful interfaces which can be used to access key system statistics. The
current list of statistics includes CPU usage, memory utilisation, disk usage,
process counts, network traffic, disk I/O, and more.

The current list of platforms is Solaris 2.x, Linux, and FreeBSD 4.x/5.x.
The aim is to extend this to include as many operating systems as possible.

The package also includes a couple of useful tools. The first, saidar,
provides a curses-based interface to viewing the current state of the
system. The second, statgrab, gives a sysctl-style interface to the
statistics gathered by libstatgrab. This extends the use of libstatgrab
to people writing scripts or anything else that can't easily make C
function calls. Included with statgrab is a script to generate an MRTG
configuration file to use statgrab.
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