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mod_extract_forwarded - Extract real source IP for forwarded HTTP requests

mod_extract_forwarded hooks itself into Apache's header parsing phase and looks
for the X-Forwarded-For header which some (most?) proxies add to the proxied
HTTP requests. It extracts the IP from the X-Forwarded-For and modifies the
connection data so to the rest of Apache the request looks like it came from
that IP rather than the proxy IP.
License:Apache Software License Group:System Environment/Daemons


Name Version Release Type Size Built
mod_extract_forwarded 2.0.2 2.fc6 src 18 KiB Sat Sep 9 10:51:09 2006


* Sat Sep 9 18:00:00 2006 Tim Jackson <rpm{%}timj{*}co{*}uk> 2.0.2-2
- Rebuild for FE6
* Wed Jan 11 17:00:00 2006 Tim Jackson <rpm{%}timj{*}co{*}uk> 2.0.2-1
- Initial build

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