moodss - Powerful modular monitoring graphical application

moodss (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet) is a modular
multi-purpose monitoring and capacity planning tool with table,
graphical, textual data viewers, thresholds, formulas and full drag
and drop user interface as well as a UNIX daemon (separate moomps
package available). Compatible with a variety of SQL databases for
data history over time storage and display. Includes modules for Linux
system, MySQL database, SNMP networking, Apache and Nagios. Modules
can be written in Tcl, Perl (tclperl package required), Python
(tclpython package required) or C.  Moodss is localized (Japanese with
input, partial French) and supports Unicode.
License:GPL Group:Applications/System


Name Version Release Type Size Built
moodss 21.5 1.fc6 src 1.88 MiB Tue Nov 21 17:37:43 2006


* Sun Nov 12 17:00:00 2006 Jean-Luc Fontaine <jfontain{%}free{*}fr> 21.5-1
- 21.5 upstream release
* Wed Oct 25 18:00:00 2006 Jean-Luc Fontaine <jfontain{%}free{*}fr> 21.4-1
- 21.4 upstream release
* Fri Sep 29 18:00:00 2006 Jean-Luc Fontaine <jfontain{%}free{*}fr> 21.3-1
- 21.3 upstream release

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