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obmenu - A graphical menu editor for Openbox

obmenu is a graphical menu editor for the Openbox window manager. Openbox uses
XML to store its menu preferences, and editing these by hand can quickly become
tedious; and even moreso when generating an entire menu for oneself! However,
this utility provides a convenient method of editing the menu in a graphical
interface, while not losing the powerful features of Openbox such as its
pipe menus.

This also provides a Python module named obxml that can be used to further
script Openbox's menu system.
License:GPL Group:User Interface/Desktops


Name Version Release Type Size Built
obmenu 1.0 3.fc6 src 30 KiB Sun Oct 15 22:12:01 2006


* Sun Oct 15 18:00:00 2006 Peter Gordon <peter{%}thecodergeek{*}com> - 1.0-3
- Some minor aesthetic spec cleanups
- Add a patch from upstream to copy the default /etx/xdg menu stuff if one
  does not exist on the first run:
  + copy-default-xdg-menu.patch
- Drop unneeded README.Fedora file:
  - README.Fedora
* Fri Sep 1 18:00:00 2006 Peter Gordon <peter{%}thecodergeek{*}com> - 1.0-2
- Don't %ghost the .pyo file(s) to comply with the new Extras Python
  packaging guidelines
- Package a README.Fedora file and a .desktop file:
  + README.Fedora
  + obmenu.desktop
* Wed Jun 14 18:00:00 2006 Peter Gordon <peter{%}thecodergeek{*}com> - 1.0-1
- Initial packaging

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