pcmanx-gtk2 - Telnet client designed for BBS browsing

An easy-to-use telnet client mainly targets BBS users.

PCMan X is a newly developed GPL'd version of PCMan, a full-featured
famous BBS client formerly designed for MS Windows only.  It aimed to
be an easy-to-use yet full-featured telnet client facilitating BBS
browsing with the ability to process double-byte characters.
License:GPL Group:Applications/Internet


Name Version Release Type Size Built
pcmanx-gtk2 0.3.5 9.336svn.fc6 src 426 KiB Mon Apr 16 14:54:30 2007


* Sat Apr 14 18:00:00 2007 Leo, Shidai Liu <sdl{*}web{%}gmail{*}com> 0.3.5-9.336svn
- remove README. Its content is not useful for end users
* Sat Apr 14 18:00:00 2007 Leo, Shidai Liu <sdl{*}web{%}gmail{*}com> 0.3.5-8.336svn
- fix build in rawhide (automake 1.10)
- use svn revision number instead of checkout date
* Fri Apr 6 18:00:00 2007 Leo, Shidai Liu <sdl{*}web{%}gmail{*}com> 0.3.5-7.20070406svn
- fix svn build
- svn 20070406

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