rpmdevtools - RPM Development Tools

This package contains scripts and (X)Emacs support files to aid in
development of RPM packages.
rpmdev-setuptree    Create RPM build tree within user's home directory
rpmdev-diff         Diff contents of two archives
rpmdev-newspec      Creates new .spec from template
rpmdev-rmdevelrpms  Find (and optionally remove) "development" RPMs
rpmdev-checksig     Check package signatures using alternate RPM keyring
rpminfo             Print information about executables and libraries
rpmdev-md5          Display the md5sum of all files in an RPM
rpmdev-vercmp       RPM version comparison checker
spectool            Expand and download sources and patches in specfiles
rpmdev-wipetree     Erase all files within dirs created by rpmdev-setuptree
rpmdev-extract      Extract various archives, "tar xvf" style
...and many more.
License:GPLv2+ and GPLv2 Group:Development/Tools


Name Version Release Type Size Built
rpmdevtools 6.1 0.1.fc6 src 95 KiB Mon Aug 27 16:50:24 2007


* Mon Aug 13 18:00:00 2007 Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta at> - 6.1-0.1
- Remove check-{buildroot,rpaths*}, now included in rpm-build >=
- Include rpmsodiff and dependencies (rpmargs, rpmelfsym, rpmfile, rpmpeek,
  rpmsoname) from ALT Linux's qa-robot package.
- Drop explicit dependency on patch, pulled in by recent rpm-build.
- Sync COPYING with
- Work around #250990 in rpmls and rpmdev-extract.
- Clarify copyright info of rpmdev-* and rpmls.
* Sat Jul 7 18:00:00 2007 Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta at> - 5.4-1
- Fix Epoch handling in the 2-arg form of rpmdev-vercmp with yum < 3.1.2.
- The long form of the list option in rmdevelrpms is --list-only, not --list.
* Thu Jul 5 18:00:00 2007 Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta at>
- Add cmake and scons to default devel package list in rpmdev-rmdevelrpms.
- Add LSB comment block to init script template.

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