ser2net - Proxy that allows tcp connections to serial ports

ser2net provides a way for a user to connect from a network connection to a
serial port. It provides all the serial port setup, a configuration file to
configure the ports, a control login for modifying port parameters,
monitoring ports, and controlling ports.
License:GPLv2+ Group:Applications/System


Name Version Release Type Size Built
ser2net 2.4 1.fc6 src 337 KiB Thu Aug 2 10:42:09 2007


* Thu Aug 2 18:00:00 2007 Tom "spot" Callaway <tcallawa{%}redhat{*}com> 2.4-1
- bump to 2.4
* Wed Oct 18 18:00:00 2006 Tom "spot" Callaway <tcallawa{%}redhat{*}com> 2.3-3
- fix typo
* Wed Oct 4 18:00:00 2006 Tom "spot" Callaway <tcallawa{%}redhat{*}com> 2.3-2
- fix initscript handling

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