tolua++ - A tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua

tolua++ is an extended version of tolua, a tool to integrate C/C++ code with
Lua. tolua++ includes new features oriented to C++
License:Freeware Group:Development/Tools


Name Version Release Type Size Built
tolua++ 1.0.92 4.fc6 src 155 KiB Mon Aug 28 19:14:32 2006


* Mon Aug 28 18:00:00 2006 Ian Chapman <packages{%}amiga-hardware{*}com> 1.0.92-4.fc6
- Release bump for FC6 mass rebuild
* Sat Jun 3 18:00:00 2006 Ian Chapman <packages{%}amiga-hardware{*}com> 1.0.92-3.fc6
- Fixed issue with where tolua++ was tagged with an soname the same as the lib
  meaning ld would fail to locate the library.
* Fri Jun 2 18:00:00 2006 Ian Chapman <packages{%}amiga-hardware{*}com> 1.0.92-2
- Changed license from Freeware Style to just Freeware
- Changed => to more conventional >= for (build)requires
- Moved %{_bindir}/tolua++ to devel package
- Now adds soname to library

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