viaideinfo - Displays the information of installed VIA IDE controllers

This command-line application identifies VIA IDE controllers installed in the
computer, and displays various information/statistics regarding these. This
does not depend on the via82cxxx kernel IDE driver, and will work regardless of
whether it is present or not. All this information used to be available through
/proc/ide/via; however this file was removed in Linux 2.6.15 to reduce the
complexity of the IDE driver. Since it performs some basic port I/O, it must be
run as root.

Supported devices:
	VT82C576, VT82C586, VT82C586A, VT82C586B, VT82C596A, VT82C596B,
	VT82C686, VT82C686A, VT82C686B, VT8231, VT8233, VT8233C, VT8233A,
	VT8235, VT8237, VT8237A, VT8251, VT6410, VT8237S, CX700
License:GPL Group:Applications/System


Name Version Release Type Size Built
viaideinfo 0.5 1.fc6 src 87 KiB Thu Feb 1 00:31:30 2007


* Wed Jan 31 17:00:00 2007 Peter Gordon <peter{%}thecodergeek{*}com> - 0.5-1
- Update to new upstream release (0.5). This adds support for SATA_EIDE
  controllers and VT8237S, CX700 southbridges.
- Added zlib-devel to BuildRequires.
- Fix minor grammar error in prior %changelog entry.
* Sat Oct 21 18:00:00 2006 Peter Gordon <peter{%}thecodergeek{*}com> - 0.4-3
- Bump release to fix CVS tagging issue
* Sat Oct 21 18:00:00 2006 Peter Gordon <peter{%}thecodergeek{*}com> - 0.4-2
- Enable building on x86_64. (It works fine on x86-64 Via-based systems too,
  according to an email from the upstream maintainer.)

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