wise2 - Tools for comparison of biopolymers

Wise2 is a package focused on comparisons of biopolymers, commonly DNA
sequence and protein sequence.  A strength of Wise2 is the
comparison of DNA sequence at the level of its protein
translation. This comparison allows the simultaneous prediction of
gene structure with homology based alignment.
License:GPL Group:Applications/Engineering


Name Version Release Type Size Built
wise2 2.2.0 2.fc6 src 2.01 MiB Tue Apr 24 01:34:59 2007


* Thu Apr 12 18:00:00 2007 Alex Lancaster <alexl{%}users{*}sourceforge{*}net> 2.2.0-2
- Pass $RPM_OPT_FLAGS to compiler as per suggestion from Ralf Corsepius.
* Wed Apr 11 18:00:00 2007 Alex Lancaster <alexl{%}users{*}sourceforge{*}net> 2.2.0-1
- Initial Fedora package.

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