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wmctrl - A command line tool to interact with an X Window Manager

 The wmctrl program is a UNIX/Linux command line tool to interact with an
 EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager. The tool provides command line access
 to almost all the features defined in the EWMH specification. It can be used,
 for example, to obtain information about the window manager, to get a detailed
 list of desktops and managed windows, to switch and resize desktops, to make
 windows full-screen, always-above or sticky, and to activate, close, move,
 resize, maximize and minimize them. The command line access to these window
 management functions makes it easy to automate and execute them from any
 application that is able to run a command in response to an event.
License:GPL Group:User Interface/X


Name Version Release Type Size Built
wmctrl 1.07 2.fc6 src 87 KiB Sat Oct 7 16:42:13 2006


* Wed Oct 4 18:00:00 2006 Michael Rice <errr[AT]> - 1.07-2
- Fix Summary per rpmlint warning
- Fix description per rpmlint warning
- Remove unneeded line from setup
- Remove NEWS from docs since it was empty
- Reformat Changlelog entrys in spec file due to bad formatting
- Changed Group to User Interface/X
* Wed Sep 27 18:00:00 2006 Michael Rice <errr[AT]> - 1.07-1
- Initial RPM release

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