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zvbi - Raw VBI, Teletext and Closed Caption decoding library

ZVBI provides functions to capture and decode VBI data. The vertical blanking
interval (VBI) is an interval in a television signal that temporarily suspends
transmission of the signal for the electron gun to move back up to the first
line of the television screen to trace the next screen field. The vertical
blanking interval can be used to carry data, since anything sent during the VBI
would naturally not be displayed; various test signals, closed captioning, and
other digital data can be sent during this time period.
License:GPL Group:System Environment/Libraries


Name Version Release Type Size Built
zvbi 0.2.25 1.fc6 src 776 KiB Tue May 29 20:16:11 2007


* Sun May 27 18:00:00 2007 Ian Chapman <packages{%}amiga-hardware{*}com> 0.2.25-1.fc6
- Upgrade to 0.2.25
* Tue Mar 13 18:00:00 2007 Ian Chapman <packages{%}amiga-hardware{*}com> 0.2.24-1.fc6
- Upgrade to 0.2.24
- Convert README and ChangeLog to UTF-8
- Added patch for x11font to generate more font sizes useful for other
  applications such as xawtv (courtesy of Dmitry Butskoy)
- Fonts sub-rpm now obsoletes and provides xawtv-tv-fonts
- Split font generation and font installation into separate sections
- Various other minor changes to the spec
- Added xfs support for the fonts
* Fri Sep 1 18:00:00 2006 Ian Chapman <packages{%}amiga-hardware{*}com> 0.2.22-2.fc6
- Minor spec cleanups

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