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blitz - C++ class library for matrix scientific computing

Blitz++ is a C++ class library for matrix scientific computing which provides
performance on par with Fortran 77/90. It uses template techniques to achieve
high performance. Blitz++ provides dense arrays and vectors, random number
generators, and small vectors
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Name Version Release Type Size Built
blitz 0.9 3.fc6 x86_64 40 KiB Mon Dec 3 09:25:34 2007


* Wed Oct 17 18:00:00 2007 Sergio Pascual<spr{%}astrax{*}fis{*}ucm{*}es> 0.9-3
- Removed macro in changelog
- Description updated
* Tue Oct 16 18:00:00 2007 Sergio Pascual <spr{%}astrax{*}fis{*}ucm{*}es> 0.9-2
- Excluding /usr/share/info/dir
* Wed Oct 3 18:00:00 2007 Sergio Pascual <spr{%}astrax{*}fis{*}ucm{*}es> 0.9-1
- Changed wrong date in changelog
- Changed license to gplv2 (some .h files haven't got the license text)
- Changed _datadir/info/* to _infodir/%{name}*

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