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gnomesword - GNOME-based Bible research tool

Gnomesword is a Bible study application for GNOME, a graphical desktop
enviroment which is available for several Unix and Linux flavors. It is based
on SWORD by the CrossWire Bible Society, a framework providing the possibility
to study the Bible and additional information like commentaries, dictionaries
and other texts using your computer.
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Name Version Release Type Size Built
gnomesword 2.2.3 1.fc6 x86_64 4.61 MiB Sun Mar 25 23:17:15 2007


* Sun Mar 25 18:00:00 2007 Deji Akingunola <dakingun{%}gmail{*}com> - 2.2.3
- Version 2.2.3
* Sat Feb 24 17:00:00 2007 Deji Akingunola <dakingun{%}gmail{*}com> -
- New release
* Sun Jan 28 17:00:00 2007 Deji Akingunola <dakingun{%}gmail{*}com> - 2.2.1-1
- Remove un-neccesary gnome-spell and icu BRs

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