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guichan - Portable C++ GUI library for games using Allegro, SDL and OpenGL

Guichan is a small, efficient C++ GUI library designed for games. It comes
with a standard set of widgets and can use several different objects for
displaying graphics and grabbing user input.
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Name Version Release Type Size Built
guichan 0.6.1 1.fc6 x86_64 448 KiB Wed Apr 11 08:28:51 2007


* Sat Apr 7 18:00:00 2007 Wart <wart{%}kobold{*}org> 0.6.1-1
- Update to 0.6.1
- Use better sf download url
- Remove BR: glut-devel as upstream no longer uses it.
- Add patch to add soname to shared libraries
* Wed Oct 4 18:00:00 2006 Hugo Cisneiros <hugo{%}devin{*}com{*}br> 0.5.0-1
- Upstream update
- Add freeglut-devel BR for the new release
- Removed unusued patches for this new version
* Wed Sep 13 18:00:00 2006 Hugo Cisneiros <hugo{%}devin{*}com{*}br> 0.4.0-3
- Rebuilt for FC6

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