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kicker-compiz - Makes KDE kicker Pager applet work with compiz

This is a modified pager applet for kicker to make it
work with compiz. More generally, it is intended to
work with window managers that use the concept of
"large desktops" instead of "multiple virtual desktops"
as kwin does exclusively.
Once it is installed, use the kicker dialog to add a new applet,
and the pager will appear in the list (Right-click on kicker,
then "add an applet to the panel" -> "Pager - Compiz")
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URL: Source: kicker-compiz


Name Version Release Type Size Built
kicker-compiz 3.5.4 3.fc6 x86_64 223 KiB Mon Jul 9 09:43:32 2007


* Sun Jul 1 18:00:00 2007 Xavier Lamien < lxtnow{%}gmail{*}com > - 3.5.4-3
- managed %Description and BR
* Sat Mar 24 18:00:00 2007 Xavier Lamien < lxtnow{%}gmail{*}com > - 3.5.4-2
- Added missing BuildRequires.
- Added timestamps from %install stage.
* Sat Mar 3 17:00:00 2007 Chitlesh GOORAH <chitlesh [AT] fedoraproject DOT org > - 3.5.4-1
- Initial package.

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