climm - Text/line based ICQ client with many features

climm is a portable, small, yet powerful console based ICQ client. It
supports password changing, auto-away, creation of new accounts, searching,
file transfer, acknowledged messages, SMS, client identification, logging,
scripting, transcoding, multi-UIN usage and other features that makes it
a very complete yet simple internationalized client supporting the current
ICQ v8 protocol.
It now also supports the OTR encrypted messages.

It has leading support for (ICQ2002+/ICQ Lite/ICQ2go) unicode encoded
messages unreached by other ICQ clones.

A lot of other ICQ clients are based in spirit on climm, nevertheless
climm is still _the_ console based ICQ client.
License:GPLv2 Group:Applications/Internet


Name Version Release Type Size Built
climm 0.6.1 1.fc6 src 1.13 MiB Mon Oct 22 08:52:01 2007


* Mon Oct 22 18:00:00 2007 Jan ONDREJ (SAL) <ondrejj(at)> - 0.6.1-1
- Update to upstream
- Removed glibc patch (fix included upstream)
* Mon Sep 17 18:00:00 2007 Jan ONDREJ (SAL) <ondrejj(at)> - 0.6-2
- updated description before gloox will be a part of Fedora
* Mon Sep 17 18:00:00 2007 Jan ONDREJ (SAL) <ondrejj(at)> - 0.6-1
- package renamed to climm
- glibc-open patch updated for new name
- added obsolete for micq

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