deluge - A GTK+ BitTorrent client with support for DHT, UPnP, and PEX

Deluge is a new BitTorrent client, created using Python and GTK+. It is
intended to bring a native, full-featured client to Linux GTK+ desktop
environments such as GNOME and XFCE. It supports features such as DHT
(Distributed Hash Tables), PEX (ĀµTorrent-compatible Peer Exchange), and UPnP
(Universal Plug-n-Play) that allow one to more easily share BitTorrent data
even from behind a router with virtually zero configuration of port-forwarding.
License:GPL Group:Applications/Internet


Name Version Release Type Size Built
deluge 0.5.3 1.fc6 src 861 KiB Wed Jul 25 23:14:25 2007


* Wed Jul 25 18:00:00 2007 Peter Gordon <peter{%}thecodergeek{*}com> - 0.5.3-1
- Update to new upstream release candidate (0.5.3)
- Drop %ifarch invocations for 64-bit builds. The internal setup script now
  properly determines this and adds the AMD64 compiler definition if necessary.
* Tue Jul 24 18:00:00 2007 Peter Gordon <peter{%}thecodergeek{*}com> - 0.5.2-1
- Update to new upstream release (0.5.2)
- Update Summary and %description to reflect new ĀµTorrent-compatible Peer
  Exchange ("PEX") functionality.
- Make Deluge the upgrade path of the now-orphaned python-libtorrent package.
* Wed Mar 7 17:00:00 2007 Peter Gordon <peter{%}thecodergeek{*}com> -
- Update to new upstream release (0.5 RC1).
- Drop unneeded 64bit-python_long patch; as it seems to cause more trouble than
  it's worth. Instead, pass -DAMD64 as a compiler flag on 64-bit arches.
  - 64bit-python_long patch
  (This should fix the bug where, even though torrents are active, they are not
  shown in the GtkTreeView listing.)
- Use rewritten instead of patching it so much, since it's easier to
  maintain across version upgrades and whatnot:
- Remove the patch (no longer needed, since I'm packaging my own):

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